Sunday, April 13, 2008


Tubuka Raikaci, who has been working at the Fiji Museum for 18 years believes success cannot be achieved without perseverence.
Mr Raikaci, 47, is originally from Burebasaga, Rewa and was brought up in his mother's village of Ravitaki in Kadavu. He attended Adi Maopa Government School for his primary school education before moving on to Lami High School.
He is married with five children. As a young boy he dreamt of either becoming an engineer or a sailor when he grew up, something he wasn't able to do.
Mr Raikaci started working at the museum when he was 30-years-old in 1990 where he worked as a cleaner and groundsman.
In 1997 he was given the opportunity to work as the conservator for artifacts at the museum. He said he coped with the added responsibility.
His responsibility was to look after the artifacts and objects preserved within the museum and he also looked after the laboratory where he does all his paper work and makes sure all objects are in good condition.
He said being a conservator was a really challenging job for him.
"My work is to make sure that all the artifacts that are preserved whether in storage or displayed are in good condition. I have to make sure that I handle them with care."
He also monitors and records other historical pieces that are brought to the museum. He said objects that are brought in to the museum are taken through certain tests and observation before approval is given for them to be displayed or kept there.
"I'm proud that I an doing something I wasn't taught at school. I feel experience has helped me in my work," he said.
"The main challenge in this line of work is to be creative in what you do. It is that creativity which keeps the tourists and people visiting the museum. It's all about how you preserve the artifacts well and how you are able to keep them in the same condition over a long period of time without any damage."
Through his years of working at the museum, he said there were times when he went through difficulties in life but he persevered.
"I have my ups and downs. What drives me every day is my family and the work that I'm doing," he said.
"No one is perfect. I believe all of us have problems that we go through in life. Everyone must go through struggles and difficult times to succeed in life." He said he enjoyed his work and that keeps him going every day. Travelling abroad, he says, helps him discover new ideas.
He makes sure to check the articrafts every day and fixes the ones that need to be fixed but this has to be recorded.
"This is like my home where I spend most of my time." Mr Raikaci believes if people have the heart to make an effort they will achieve what they want.
"We will also succeed in our work if we have patience and are faithful to what we do, because God is watching us.
"I feel blessed about what God has done for me in my work and for my family. I acknowledge Him in everything he has given me especially with the opportunity to have this job and I have to work hard for what he has provided me with."


Adapted from Fijitimes Online