Friday, March 21, 2008


WOMEN in Fiji should be inspired and motivated by the international recognition she has gained, says Fiji Women's Right's Movement executive director Virisila .
Ms Buadromo received the International Woman of Courage Award from United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice this month.
Ms Buadromo said she felt humbled when told she was one of eight recipients of the award.
She said she was quite shocked at first because she didn't think she would receive such an award or was worthy of it.
"The award is a recognition of exemplary courage in trying to promote democracy but, to me, I see it as a recognition of the struggles and determination of women in standing for human rights, democracy, etc," said Ms Buadromo.
"We have maintained our stand throughout the four coups that we have experienced and have not waivered. This award shows that if you stand for truth and justice, you will be recognised and this award should encourage and inspire women.
"I saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness about the political crises and what we have been going through."


Adapted from Fijitimes Online