Saturday, January 12, 2008


OPENING up a business of her own was a dream that came true for Karalaini Balebula (pictured).

Ms Balebula, 36, opened a hair saloon named Vines Hair Saloon in Suva last week.

Ms Balebula, who used to work for Katz Hair Saloon, said she used to manage the business for the owner.

"I worked there for one year three months until it closed down. When I was there I started my business plan and leaned from the hair dressers how to do hairdressing," she said.

"I had managerial skills but needed to learn the basics in hair dressing to actually open up a hair saloon of my own," she said.

Ms Balebula had hired three hair dressers, who she described as very helpful and dedicated.

She said her interest in hair dressing came since she started work at Katz.

"When it closed down I was very disappointed that I lost my job but I then started to implement the idea that I had to start something of my own," she said.

Ms Balebula, who lives at Milverton Road, said it took her six months to open up the saloon.

Ms Balebula did a business course with the
National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development unit.

She said the course helped her make her business plans and taught her managerial skills to operate a small business.

In future, she hopes to expand to other parts of Suva and to the Western Division.

Adapted from Fijitimes Online