Thursday, December 13, 2007


Jennifer James always had a passion for art, particularly painting. The Canadian simply cannot imagine her life without art as it brings her immense joy.

She recalls her young years when she would draw on anything she got hold of. Her artistic tendencies are hardly surprising given her families artistic background. Here family were known for their body sculptures.

So when they learnt she had she had no affinity for the family's past-time passion, they found it odd and were quite taken aback. And much to their disappointment, Jennifer was so set on becoming an artist.

Common ground was finally reached when parties resolved that she continue her studies in order to secure a better job and only after could she be allowed to become an artist. Jennifer said she did not have the heart to disappoint her family so she continued and successfully pursued a diploma in physiotherapy. She now owns a clinic in Canada.

"I had to work in a clinic for six months and then after three months, I opened my very own clinic with the help of my business partner," she proudly relayed. Today the promising artist from Vancouver is more confident and self-assured.

She is still buzzing from the rush of having 30 of her artwork exhibited at the University of the South Pacific's Oceania Art and Cultural Centre. She was very pleased with the response.
The second-year USPArt student Jennifer says she could not have asked for a better place to master her passion.

"I have come to understand what art is all about," she enthused. "I was really honoured to have an exhibit in the Oceania Art Centre.

Jennifer says art is not only about putting colours together to make the picture look good. It is instead a way of expressing feelings, moods and views on a particular subject, she said. I love to draw something that promotes peace and harmony, she added.

While painting is the ultimate de-stressor for her, nature walks, reading, spending time with friends and baking are also activities she cares to indulge in. She says young artists should find a good mentor, practice, and above all have fun.

Jennifer laments though that the high cost of painting materials is a restrictive factor to the development of the art. Resources in this field are very limited, thus very expensive, she said. The tropical weather is also another disadvantage as oil paints take longer to dry in the heat.

The artist says she has unconsciously developed a ritual on how she chooses her paintings.
Whenever she feels the urge to draw she first meditates on the subject. Normally, the first colour that pops into her head is what she uses to depict her theme.

Each work of art holds special meaning for Jennifer because through each piece, she tries to relay a message. Her work is largely about peace and harmony. One day she hopes to be able to make a living from her artwork.

My ultimate goal is to open a gallery so that I can support other artists, she said.

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